I work based on the lean concept. What does that mean?

The core idea is that you can avoid every kind of waste and create “value without waste”. For the daily practice, this means that the activities are optimally coordinated thus reducing superfluous travel, waiting and material waste, and thus costs, to a minimum.

The processes in my practice are set up to preserve resources. My practice is more or less paperless and the goal is to to have little or no waiting times. Modern equipment allow for excellent and fast diagnostics. This leaves more time for you.

What is awaiting you?

Friendly, bright and welcoming rooms. Attentive personnel and a physician who takes time for you and your concerns. Thus a positive treatment atmosphere improves your general well-being.

Why do I use disposable specula?

In many fields, it is standard to only use disposable materials, e.g. disposable gloves, disposable needles and disposable tubes, disposable tongue depressors, disposable cups, etc. In the field of gynecology, there are also disposable specula that can be used for gynecological examinations. I offer my patients these highly hygienic security from the first day – to your benefit.