As a gynecologist, I stand by women of all ages in matters of health. It is particularly important to me to prevent illnesses or infirmity and maintain or restore health. Many illnesses develop due to acquired metabolic imbalances or infections, but also due to the influence of medications, environmental toxins, stress, a lack of physical activity and/or improper nutrition. Detecting and treating these is my most important goal. You will receive individual, holistic medical observation, consultation and treatment of your health from me! I offer you the following exclusive services:

  • Health checks, preventative medicine
  • Cancer prevention, early detection, immunizations
  • Diagnostics and treatment of illnesses in women
  • Gynecological endocrinology (hormone diagnostics)
  • Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
  • Consultation and treatment of gynecological illnesses with (recurring) pain and/or bleeding
  • At my practice, I work with an experienced pain therapist.

I take extensive time for you and your concerns. I look forward to seeing you!