Sexual medicine

In addition to the state of the complete physical, mental and social well-being, a healthy and fulfilled sex life is the fourth pillar of the definition of health from the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes being familiar with how your body functions. That you know what phases and changes women go through during their monthly cycle, how to practice safe contraception and how to conceive children and how to experience arousal, desire and orgasms. I will consult with you on all matters concerning sexuality; upon request, with your partner as well. If there are complaints, my focus is on detecting and excluding gynecological illnesses and, if possible, treating the symptoms. If there are no physical causes for your complaints, I recommend further treatment with a sex therapist. I offer you the following exclusive services:

  • Sexual education
  • Individual contraception consultation
  • Consultation when trying to conceive children
  • Sexual medical consultation, also for couples
  • Sexual counselling during pregnancy and the nursing period

Your partner is welcome to join you! I take extensive time for you and your concerns and look forward to seeing you!